Wed. Oct 16th, 2019

Industry News: Ferrari shows no interest in entry-level offering

For the past few years many rumours have suggested Ferrari might look to reviving its Dino moniker as a means of introducing an entry-level model into the brand’s portfolio. Despite this speculation, chief commercial officer, Enrico Galliera, has confirmed that this is not something Ferrari has planned in the near future.

Speaking to Autocar, Galliera stated that the idea of a new Dino in the future is, however, not entirely out of the question. “I would never use the word dead in the future strategy. [But] it’s certainly not something that we’re planning shortly.”

Rumours of a V6-powered Dino surfaced in 2016 when the idea was brought up by the late Sergio Marchionne. Since then, the plan has been shelved as the brands fifth model was revealed to be the hybrid-electric SF90 Stradale.

This reveal forms part of Ferrari’s 2022 15 model strategy; four of which have already been revealed. These are the aforementioned SF90 and the F8 Tributo, Spider and 812 GTS. Rather than creating a new “affordable” model, Ferrari is now dedicated to focusing on higher-priced models.

Galliera said: “Our product line-up is basically trying to redesign our positioning, but we don’t feel there is a need for an entry-price [model] in our product range, and we plan to remain consistent with what we already declared we want to do.”

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